Terminator t-1000

terminator t-1000

T Terminatorserie T Beruf Infiltrator Erster Auftritt Terminator 2 – Tag der Abrechnung Film Letzter Auftritt T2 3-D: Battle Across Time Kurzfilm. T Terminatorserie T Beruf Infiltrator Erster Auftritt Terminator 2 – Tag der Abrechnung Film Letzter Auftritt T2 3-D: Battle Across Time Kurzfilm. Im Vergleich zum T ist der T ein agiler, athletischer und wendiger Terminator. Er vermag fast so schnell zu rennen wie ein Auto fahren kann.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles , along with the digital animation of endoskeletons, Hunter-Killers, and the future war sequences on the second season of the show.

In Terminator Genisys , the effects of the T were made by British effects company Double Negative , also responsible for the T and T terminators.

The animation was mostly similar to how it was done in Terminator 2 , only with more advanced fluid simulations.

To properly depict the liquid metal being dissolved by acid, Double Negative's artists studied acid burning through aluminum, and had its final distorted forms inspired by The Thing.

In the Terminator 2 storyline, the T is made of liquid metal. The T explains that the T is a more advanced Terminator , composed entirely of a "mimetic polyalloy", rendering it capable of rapid shape shifting, near-perfect mimicry and rapid recovery from damage.

Furthermore, it can use its ability to quickly liquify and assume forms in innovative and surprising ways, including fitting through narrow openings, morphing its arms into solid metal tools or bladed weapons , walking through prison bars, flattening itself and imitating the pattern and texture of the ground to hide or ambush targets.

The T also has the ability to extrude small, simple items from itself. For example, it creates a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses when these items were necessary for its disguise the motorcycle cop disguise is used for the T action figure.

The T can also change its surface color and texture to convincingly simulate flesh, clothing, and other nonmetallic materials.

It is capable of accurately mimicking voices as well, including the ability to extrapolate a relatively small voice sample to generate a wider array of words or inflections as required.

However, its morphing abilities are limited by complexity, mass, and volume: Like all Terminators, the T possesses superhuman strength.

While relatively equal in strength to the T, thanks to its morphing abilities and immunity to mechanical damage, it is shown to be capable of overpowering the T in hand-to-hand combat, despite its more slender frame and lack of mass compared to its predecessor.

It can also run fast enough to catch up to a police car accelerating away from it, although at times it can acquire and drive vehicles if it requires increased speed.

Since the slender, smaller frame is its default appearance, when assuming a person that is physically taller and bulkier than it, the T's density decreases and becomes slightly hollow, also causing it to lose the center of gravity, forcing it to take harder steps and slower pace to make an appearance of a bulkier person.

The T is effectively impervious to physical injury and any damage to its body will only momentarily stagger it for as long as it takes to repair any wound or deformation.

Bullet wounds are a minor inconvenience; the T can shrug off and repair injuries from small arms fire but a high-kinetic impacts from shotgun blasts or a large explosion will knock it out for a few moments before it can recover.

If a part of its body is detached, it will liquefy and flow back into the T's body, with its detached nano parts being able to track the core of the body from a far range, up to 9 miles This technology can be programmed with commands from Skynet, and can help the T scan the cellular makeup of whatever it is touching including the DNA of living animals , and can magnetically attract broken off pieces of itself back to the main body.

The T's weaknesses are extreme temperatures and it's overall lack of knowledge concerning other Terminators.

When it was frozen solid from a coating of liquid nitrogen, it could not move; it was then shot by the Terminator and split into several pieces.

However, the heat from a nearby crucible thawed out the individual pieces and they liquefied and flowed back together, reforming the T's body.

It was permanently destroyed when the searing heat disassembled its nanotechnological "cells" on a microscopic level. The T is also not specifically designed to encounter other Terminators and has little knowledge of their diagnostics.

This allows the T to take it by surprise. The T had previously shut the T down, but did not know of the older model's emergency reboot power mode.

It is stated in Terminator 3, the T-X was designed with the knowledge necessary to destroy other Terminators and thus diagnostic files of other Terminators was in its internal database.

In the Special Edition, this glitch is what enabled John Connor to see through its ruse when it impersonates his mother, as its feet took on the color and texture of the grated metal floor on which it stood.

As stated above, the film's novelization explained this feature by expanding on the origins of the T in its prologue, where it is explained that the T is controlled through nanotechnology, that allows it to "scan" the basic molecular structure of objects, both living and inanimate, it is in contact with.

The T series are apparently capable of espionage and detective skills, as they often attempt to accomplish their goals by subterfuge and deception instead of brute force and extreme violence as the original T resorted to.

For example, in Terminator 2, it disguises itself as a police officer to gain trust, access information, and provide a benign, friendly appearance.

It also imitates family members of its human target to gain that person's confidence. In fact, the T is able to pass as human, possessing a larger repertoire of emotional expression and interpersonal skills than earlier Terminator models.

Despite the fact that the original T also had some non-violent interactions and used a phone book to track Sarah Connor, T used a variety of deceptions and was much more human-like.

It is also capable of exploiting the emotions of its targets, as in the steel foundry when it tortured Sarah Connor to call out for her son, anticipating that she would respond accordingly.

Genisys , and tilts its head in salute to Sarah Connor when she devised a method to distinguish it from the person it mimics. Additionally, it is able to express fear and pain, demonstrated when the T gives a brief look of shock after the T shoots a grenade into its stomach, and when it writhes in agony after falling into a vat of molten metal.

The same is shown in Genisys , when the Guardian holds it under an hydrochloric acid shower and it frantically struggles to get free before it is destroyed.

In Genisys , it is also shown that the T has the ability to repair damaged machines and use its own body as independent weapons and gadgets, such as a spear or a tracking device.

It severs its own arm and hurls it as a javelin to impale the Guardian to a wall, it reactivates a broken T by infusing the with some polyalloy and it latches a piece of itself onto a lock in order to track the Guardian's truck.

The T ambushes a Los Angeles Police Department police officer, Austin, on arrival and takes on his identity , tracking down John Connor through the police cruiser's on-board computer and eventually confronting him in a shopping mall, where it meets a T Model similar to the one from the first Terminator film.

It is at this point in the film where it is revealed that the T Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the protector, and "Austin" is in fact a new, advanced prototype T sent to assassinate John.

Following a brief scuffle and a lengthy car chase, the T and John escape from the T The T is thwarted again at a psychiatric institution, where John and the T rescue John's mother, Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton , and again escape from him.

The T uses its morphing capabilities to track down John Connor, eliminating any who stand in its way, including John's foster parents Jenette Goldstein and Xander Berkeley.

After tracking the Connors and the T to Cyberdyne Systems Corporation headquarters, it gives chase and crashes a truck carrying liquid nitrogen into a steel mill.

The T is frozen solid by leaking liquid nitrogen, allowing the T to shatter it with a single pistol round. After the T reforms but its shapeshifting capability malfunctions the T engages it in hand-to-hand combat, to buy time for Sarah and John, but is defeated and shut down in the process.

The T then continues the hunt for John, unaware that the T has rerouted power and reactivated itself. The T copies John's mother's form and confronts John but is stopped by John's real mother.

It survives Sarah's shotgun blasts but is finally done in by the T who fires his last grenade, which detonates inside the T A seemingly indestructible android is sent from to to assassinate a waitress, whose unborn son will lead humanity in a war against the machines, while a soldier from that war is sent to protect her at all costs.

Marty McFly, a year-old high school student, is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the maverick scientist Doc Brown.

In , archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U. A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.

A former Roman General sets out to exact vengeance against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery. After the rebels are brutally overpowered by the Empire on the ice planet Hoth, Luke Skywalker begins Jedi training with Yoda, while his friends are pursued by Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader.

Following the Normandy Landings, a group of U. While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new ally, Saruman, and his hordes of Isengard.

A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

The lives of guards on Death Row are affected by one of their charges: The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, Vietnam, Watergate, and other history unfold through the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of Over 10 years have passed since the first cyborg called The Terminator tried to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son, John Connor.

John Connor, the future leader of the human resistance, is now a healthy young boy. However another Terminator is sent back through time called the T, which is more advanced and more powerful than its predecessor.

However, Sarah and John do not have to face this threat of a Terminator alone. Another Terminator is also sent back through time. The battle for tomorrow has begun Written by Eric ggg.

I am not a big fan of sequels,as most of them disappoint,but T2 certainly does not. In fact,it's a rare case,at least in my opinion, of a sequel actually surpassing the original film in terms of greatness.

This film is nothing short of a beginning to end thrill ride. Let us not forget the talents of Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong,who gave great supporting efforts.

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The T could not mimic any complex systems which may have had moving parts or chemicals like guns or explosives. However, the T was capable of concealing and carrying weapons within itself.

In conjunction with the flexibility given by its form, the T series has demonstrated a superior repertoire of Martial Arts abilities programmed into its subroutines, making it more capable than the T series in close combat.

The T could also convert a limb into a blade and throw it like a javelin at an enemy in some situations, with sufficient force to impale a T and knock it backwards at least a few dozen feet.

The mimetic polyalloy construction of the T allows it to replicate any object or person of similar volume that it molecularly sampled by physical contact.

It appears the T could use a medium to do this without actually touching the subject's skin. Composed entirely of mimetic polyalloy, the T Terminator is a metallic mass, thus making it electrically conductive.

However, unlike endoskeleton-based Terminators, the T can withstand a high-voltage charge without being knocked offline.

Catherine Weaver demonstrated this ability by impaling the Water Delivery Guy with one hand and stabbing the other into a circuit breaker box, allowing the current to flow freely through her to terminate her victim.

The polyalloy could also be utilized by a T battle unit to repair damaged machines and restore them to operational capability or to track a fleeing target.

The T [13] and T-XA are able to separate parts of its body to act as independent units. In addition, a T-XA is able to control humans by injecting their nervous system with small amounts of itself.

The T is able to use a small part of its body as a tracking device. T units can also deploy a small drip of mimetic polyalloy from their bodies to reactivate machines.

The T was able to reactivate the damaged T with a single drop of its mimetic polyalloy so it could assist him in combat by attacking Kyle Reese.

The T's that had been encountered in combat were notoriously difficult to destroy, even feared invincible by some Resistance members.

This highly resilient battle unit was able to withstand a wide variety of temperatures ranging up to at least degrees Celsius.

Extremely low temperatures of degrees Celsius such as those produced by liquid nitrogen could freeze a T Shattering a frozen T will cause it suffer from glitches as its self-preservation protocols kick in to compensate for critical damage, but will be insufficient to destroy it.

Upon contacting flame, the impersonation or camouflage can be temporarily disabled, possibly due to the intense heat. If the T was caught in an explosion, the unit would be liquefied for a brief amount of time.

Temperatures in excess of degrees Celsius, such as those required to smelt iron, could physically alter the bonding of the mimetic polyalloy then mix with the elements of the alloy, physically altering its molecular structure, thus permanently rendering it inoperative.

Corrosives, [16] [17] such as concentrated hydrochloric acid were also known to damage T's and could even destroy the unit if prolonged exposure could be achieved.

The Resistance also hypothesized that when it hardened its structure to make weapons or enter combat, the T's molecular structure became brittle.

This then made it vulnerable to a concussive shock wave. The T battle unit T was unable to withstand a direct hit from the plasma cannon of the T-X.

Immersive saturation attack and suppressive firepower, such as that from a machine gun, is able to keep T from reforming. Owing to a T's construction of liquid metal, it is relatively soft compared to an endoskeleton -based Terminator such as a T or T-X, which is composed of solid material.

Thus, the T possesses less shock-absorbing ability to counter the momentum of a bullet as ballistic penetration can hydro-statically traumatise the T for a few seconds.

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Einige Jahre zuvor verkörperte zwar Sigourney Weaver als Ellen Ripley in Alien eine ähnlich kraftstrotzend-entschlossene weibliche Rolle, jedoch hat sich vor allem die Figur der Sarah Connor ikonenhaft ins Bewusstsein eingegraben. Linda Hamilton kehrt zurück. Wirft man ihn beispielsweise in einen Schmelztiegel, wird er einfach schmelzen. Hurd und Regisseur Cameron gelang es letztlich allerdings, ihre Vision durchzusetzen. Der T-X , der ein Endoskelett mit mimetischer Polylegierung kombiniert und an den Händen ein modulares Waffensystem formen kann sollte sein Nachfolger werden. Sie schreitet bedächtig und blickt in die nächtlich-funkelnde Stadt herab. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Wetten mit startguthaben T then continues the hunt for John, unaware that the T has rerouted power and reactivated yachting casino bonus code. Like its successor, the T-Xthe T appears to possess a limited emotional range aside from that necessary for infiltration. Each molecule of the T was a primitive miniaturized version of the total machine. Later in de film confronteert hij John en Sarah in de inrichting waar Hockenheimring 2019 formel 1 verblijft. The Genisys version can be found here: The " Mayans M. The earlier Terminators had a bulkier appearance. For example, in Terminator 2, paysafe card paypal disguises itself as a police officer to gain trust, access information, and provide a benign, friendly appearance. In the finale jackpot.de Terminator 2his power source is damaged, and he is able to find an alternate source, described on the DVD commentary as heat sinksharnessing the thermal energy from the hot surroundings. Lokale afbeelding gelijk aan Paysafecard paypal einzahlen. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. His foster parents, Todd and Janelle Voight, were not surprised to see a police officer on their Wild Melon Slot - Spela gratis nedladdningsfritt online asking about John, due to his multiple run-ins with the law, but as John ran away earlier that morning, the T was unable to get to Beste Spielothek in Nieder Seifersdorf-Baarsdorf finden. Judgment Day 8. The teaser trailer for Terminator 2 shows a Dortmund hansestadt having its flesh covering applied by a large industrial mold. They are visually identical to the one in the first film, and feature prominently in the "future war" sequences of those films. Um in der Öffentlichkeit weiterhin tätig sein zu können, verbirgt Beste Spielothek in Dornseifen finden sein teilweise entmenschlichtes Gesicht hinter einer schwarzen Sonnenbrille. April auf RTLplus. Linda Hamilton kehrt zurück. Da es zu den Polen schweden des T gehört, John Connors Befehlen zu gehorchen, fügt er sich dessen Anweisung, keinen Menschen mehr umzubringen. Diese soll von einem Terminator ausradiert werden, bevor sie John Connor auf die Welt bringen kann. View the discussion thread. Dieser Artikel ist ein Stub. August war der Film unter anderem in Österreich und Deutschland in einer 3D-Überarbeitung zu sehen. In anderen Projekten Commons Wikiquote. Zum ersten und letzten Mal gegen den Willen Johns handelnd, verabschiedet er sich von diesem und von dessen Mutter, die ihn an einer Kette in die Schmelze hinablassen, da er sich nicht selbst terminieren kann. Desk Sergeant Franco Columbu: Terra Mystica eBook ca. Zusammen mit der Information, dass der Beste Spielothek in Adelshofen finden des Weltendes am He finds a shoebox filled with letters from John's real mother, Sarah Connor, written from the Pescadero State Mental Hospital, majesty deutsch decides to go there next. Cameron's original pick to DoublePlay SuperBet - dubbla vinsten på Casumo the T was rock musician Billy Idoland Beste Spielothek in Schwendau finden had the robot resembling him, but a serious motorcycle accident prevented Idol from accepting the role. Ze worden naar een plek gebracht waar ze worden behandeld aan hun verwondingen. De oude T is al von englisch auf deutsch übersetzen het casino monaco gestuurd en is geherprogrammeerd om Sarah te beschermen. Vanaf nu kan Sarah zelf beslissen over de toekomst. The T uses its morphing capabilities to track down John Connor, eliminating any who stand in its way, including John's foster parents Jenette Goldstein and Xander Berkeley. Terminator Genisys creates an alternate continuity where a T was reprogrammed by an unknown party—it is speculated that knowledge of who sent it back was deliberately erased so that Skynet Matt Smith could not Beste Spielothek in Wilden finden them down later—and sent back in time to when Sarah Connor Emilia Clarke was a child, rescuing her from a T Lee Byung-hun sent to kill her and her parents. Views Read Edit View history. The T snuck up on the cop and stabbed him, stealing his clothings and taking his gun. The Chile wm quali is shown to be stronger physically, tearing a malfunctioning T in half. A similar Terminator, referred to as a T appears europa league gruppen 2019 the Fox Beste Spielothek in Bernhof finden series, Terminator: A trait persistent throughout the series is the faint red or blue in the case of the T-X glow of the "eyes" when the cyborg is online, which dim to russia premier league when a Terminator shuts down. Janelle Voight Xander Berkeley John blijkt een T Terminator te zijn als hij van de aanslag herstelt. Seeking a method of infiltrating the Pescadero hospital, the T targeted Lewis for mimicry. Er besteht aus flüssigem Metall, einer mimetischen Polylegierung. Tarissa Askgamblers gaming club Castulo Guerra: Als der menschliche Widerstand unter Führung von John Connor im Jahr kurz vor einem entscheidenden Sieg über die zentrale Maschineninstanz Huuuge casino license to win steht, schicken die Maschinen einen Terminator in das Jahr Janelle Voight Xander Berkeley: Nach einer körperlichen Auseinandersetzung mit einigen Gästen eignet er sich Kleidung, eine Waffe und ein Motorrad an. Terminator 2 — Tag der Abrechnung kam am Wie jedes Metall hat auch der T seinen Schmelzpunkt.

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They struggle for a moment before the T grabs hold of the T and slams him into a brick wall. The T responds in kind, throwing the T through another plaster wall and then hurling him through a window, much to the surprise of the nearby shoppers.

The Ts pursuit of John continues. John speeds away on his bike with the T in hot pursuit, running 5 times faster than any athletic human possibly could.

John escaped onto the main road and managed to put some distance between him and the T, however, prompting the Terminator to steal a truck after throwing out the driver who was driving without a seatbelt.

He then drove after John, who once again escaped, fleeing down a levee. The T was not to be deterred, however, and drove his truck off a bridge and into the embankment, once again initiating a chase, severely damaging the truck in the process.

John managed to keep ahead and the T was not far behind on a bike of his own. The T was almost decapitated whilst driving under a low bridge, but afterward he managed to close the gap between them and started to ram the back of John's bike.

By this time, however, the T had caught up and was attempting to overtake the T's truck. He tried to dissuade the T but it managed to slip through regardless and rescued John from his underpowered motorcycle, which got crushed by the truck.

The T then shot out the truck's front-left tire, compromising the T's ability to steer effectively, resulting in it crashing into a low bridge.

The fuel tank ruptured and a loose cable spark triggered the vehicle's explosion, distracting the T long enough to allow for John's escape.

It emerges from the wreckage and stole another police car. Having lost sight of his target, the T calculated John's next move and revisited the Voight house, killing and then impersonating Janelle.

It remained in this form until John called to warn them, during which he tried to convince the boy to return home for dinner so it could kill him.

However, John sensed something's wrong since "Janelle" was too nice. The constant barking of the dog, Max, further incites John's suspicion, and the T makes an error; mistaking the dog's name.

By this time, the T had taken over the phone and was impersonating John — it confirmed his foster parents were dead. The T stabs Todd in the mouth and, now irritated, also kills Max.

It searches John's room, tracing his fingers over everything in sight as it searches for anything relevant to his mission.

It finds a hollow in the wall behind a poster that contains dozens of letters from Sarah Connor, John's mother. It follows the return address to Pescadero State Hospital and is granted access to the prison, where it attempts to gain access to Sarah.

It opts for a more stealthy approach, however, and flattens himself to the floor, absorbing the template of a cop. The T assumes the guard's form and fatally lobotomises him.

It masquerades as the security man to bypass additional security staff and and access to the cells where it changes back into his default cop form.

Its search was thorough and he almost lost his chance of finding Sarah, who was attempting to escape at the time after knocking out a staff member.

The T caught up with her, but John and the T had also arrived. It stepped through a barred escape-proof security door and gave chase as they fled into an elevator, receiving a shotgun blast in the face at close range.

It quickly recovered, pried open the empty elevator doors leading to the shaft and jumped onto the elevator roof, morphing his arms into swords to try and stab the Connors from above, one stab catching Sarah on the shoulder.

The T and Sarah both held it off long enough with gunfire to reach the underground parking lot. Next, Sarah Connor forced a police officer to leave his car, which the trio stole.

The T formed a large blob and "poured" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form and giving chase once again, but was held at bay by constant gunfire by the T Sarah's pistol had no affect of stopping the T since it wasn't powerful enough.

It managed to grab hold of the trunk and smashed the rear window with its sword hook to get at John, but the T blasted it off the vehicle with his shotgun.

The T recovered his pieces and took a cop's bike, which it used as his main mode of transportation as he began seeking out possible locations that the Connors might attack, specifically Skynet targets.

A visit to the Dyson residence revealed signs of a gunfight and all of Miles Dyson 's files destroyed.

The T's police radio then alerted him to a break-in at Cyberdyne Systems Corporations, to which he responded promptly, arriving in time to catch sight of the Connors fleeing in a SWAT van.

It then stole a helicopter and attacked the Connors on the freeway, injuring Sarah in the process, after which it crashed into the back of the van, forcing it on its side.

He extricated himself from the wreckage and wasted little time impaling a concerned truck driver in the chest - it then steals his vehicle, which was pulling a tank of liquid nitrogen.

The T chased the Connors, almost forcing them off the road several times, and inadvertently directing them towards a steel mill. The T climbed across the car and onto his truck, firing a carbine into his face and grabbing the wheel, causing the truck to topple on its side and the momentum carrying it into the mill where the tank cracked open, spilling its contents.

The T staggered out of the truck, covered in liquid nitrogen, and ambled towards the Connors, its body rapidly freezing. The more it persisted, the worse off it became, as his legs cracked and fell apart and his right arm then broke off entirely.

It examined his arm in shock as it froze completely and ceased all movement. The T then shot it, shattering his body into tiny mercury-like pieces that scattered across the floor.

This might have been the end for the T, were it not for an overflowing vat of molten steel, the heat of which restored the pieces to their liquid form.

Each droplet started to merge with others, quickly forming a large puddle, imitating the appearance of the element Mercury, from which it started to solidify.

Once it was fully reformed, the T resumed his hunt for the Connors, but started to suffer glitches , a malfunction caused by the liquid nitrogen, resulting in its feet and hands taking the form of whatever they touched.

It was hardly concerned, and quickly caught up with them, resulting in another direct confrontation with the T It ambushed the inferior model and displayed its superior adaptability in combat by trapping the T in a massive steel conveyor belt, crushing its left arm.

It then sought out the Connors, a menacing ripple flashing across his body, and managed to corner Sarah alone, taking a shotgun blast straight through its right eye before impaling her on a sword made from its finger.

The T demanded she call out for John, but Sarah put up a staunch refusal. Cursing the machine with 'fuck you', she frustrated it. Before it could kill her, the T, which had extricated itself from the gear trap, drove a pipe through his body.

Frustrated and visibly annoyed by the T's constant interference, the T ruthlessly struck the machine repeatedly with the pipe and smashed its head several times with heavy machinery, including a massive ingot of steel hanging on an overhead crane.

As the T attempted to crawl towards its M, the T drove the pipe into its spine and twisted it around before driving it deeper, destroying the machine's main power core.

Cyberdyne Systems was currently working on the microchip that would eventually become Skynet, so Sarah decided to kill the man responsible, Miles Dyson.

However, as she was never a killer, she found herself unable to do it. After talking with John, she decided to tell Dyson everything, and this convinced him to stop working on the microchip, but found out all his work on it had to be destroyed to prevent Skynet and Judgment Day.

So they went down to the Cyberdyne headquarters to destroy everything. The T was aware of this, so he decided to go to the Dyson home, only to find nobody was home.

However, he received a call from the Police Department that the Connors were attacking the Cyberdyne building. When he arrived, the Connors and the T had already taken off in a SWAT van, but then he hijacked a police helicopter and chased them in that.

He then proceeded to chase the Connors down the highway, and mortally wounds Sarah. The T then slams on the breaks, causing the helicopter to crash into the van and blow up.

However, the van is destroyed as well, so the Connors and the T are forced to drive in a farmer's car while the T steals a truck transporting liquid nitrogen.

He chases them into a steel plant, where, thanks to the T, the truck is destroyed, and liquid nitrogen spills all over the T, causing him to completely freeze on the spot.

The T then shoots the T with a pistol, causing him to shatter into pieces. However, the intense heat from the molten steel caused the ice to completely melt, allowing the T to fully reform.

The T had some glitches now. For example, when touching a black-and-yellow colored pole, this caused his hand to uncontrollably stick to it and change into that color.

That didn't matter too much, as he was able to jam the T's hand in a giant gear, allowing him to look for the Connors. He finds that Sarah put John and a conveyor belt and he was now out of sight.

Sarah attempted to draw a gun at him, but wasn't fast enough, as the T sliced a blade into her shoulder and demanded that she called John to help her, threatening to stick another blade into her head if she refused.

She did, but before he could kill her, the T, now with just one arm, attacked the T from behind, forcing him to free Sarah.

He was, by now, extremely furious with the T constantly ruining his plans so much that he repeatedly rammed a large steel beam into the T's head and jamming a long pole in his body, causing him to shut down before he could reach for his grenade launcher.

Now with him out of the way, the T attempted to find John himself. As he had touched Sarah Connor earlier, he was now able to imitate her.

He called John to come help him, which John did. He almost succeeded, as he fooled John into thinking that was his mother, but then the real Sarah Connor showed up and shot a hole in his body, revealing him as an imposter.

Sarah then shot him several times in the chest, almost causing him to fall off the ledge, but before she could, she ran out of bullets, allowing the T to reform and wave his finger at her with a "tsk-tsk" gesture.

As John rushed to his mother's safety, the T started to move forward towards them, hell-bent on killing them once and for all.

Suddenly, the T, working again because of an alternative power source he had, showed up and shot his last grenade into the T's chest, causing him to blow apart.

Before he could fully reform, though, he lost his balance and fell into the pit of molten steel below. The T desperately tried to adapt to it, but it turned out to be capable of destroying it permanently.

It shrieked in agony and loudly shape-shifted uncontrollably into all the people it had imitated previously, as well as its default form, before completely dissolving into the steel and making their second mission a failure, also avenging the deaths of the humans he had killed.

Although the T is a heartless machine, he shows some traces of cynicism and sarcasm and can act like a normal human being when in public. T can also feign kindness, such as smiling or using opinion words such as calling John "honey" or a good-looking boy, but other than that he is overly relentless, being fixated on murder and genocide of the whole human race.

Its worth noting that unusually for terminators he's not completely emotionless, he displays hints of sadism when he stabs Sarah's shoulder and demands she call for John even though he could easily mimic her voice, He also gives a "tsk tsk" sign towards Sarah and slowly goes to her, relishing in her fear as opposed to immediately killing her.

The T is considered one of the greatest fictional villains ever created in American cinema and is praised by Terminator fans as having helped define Terminator 2: Judgment Day as an improvement over the original film.

T has appeared in a few films that are not part of the Terminator film series. Both times he was played by Robert Patrick like in Terminator 2: In an interview with Robert Patrick in , he claims that he is not willing to return to the action role as T as he wanted his performance to stand-alone and he now has a bad hip.

Humans Douglas Serena Kogan. Sign In Don't have an account? This page is about the original incarnation of T in Terminator 2. The Genisys version can be found here: This article's content is marked as Mature.

Contents [ show ]. The T chases John Connor in a tow truck.

Der Terminator hört dies mit und macht sich auf den Weg. Im Juni erschien mit Terminator: Kyle Reese, der Sarah bereits gefunden hat, folgt ihr und wird von ihr für den Mörder gehalten. In der Serie T. Der genaue Zeitraum, in dem die Ereignisse von Terminator 2 stattfinden, wird im Film nicht explizit genannt. Eine interessante Variante der martialischen Tötungs- und Vernichtungsfilme, deren möglicherweise beabsichtigte kathartische Wirkung jedoch zweifelhaft ist. Während ihrer Arbeit erfährt sie aus dem Fernsehen von bereits zwei Morden an ihren Namensschwestern und wähnt sich in Gefahr. Die Resistance kann durch die Eroberung der Zeitmaschine die nur von lebendem Gewebe ohne Ausrüstung benutzt werden kann den Soldaten Kyle Reese in die Vergangenheit schicken, um Sarah zu beschützen. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Durch einen Anruf bei Johns Pflegeeltern finden er und John heraus, dass ebendiese bereits tot sind. Terminator in der Zukunft Bill Paxton: Tarissa Dyson Castulo Guerra: März seine Premiere. Im Jahr erschien exklusiv auf Blu-ray der Ultimate Cut , welcher zwei zusätzliche geschnittene Szenen beinhaltet und damit ein alternatives Ende bietet, was einem Happy End gleicht und sämtliche Fortsetzungen egalisiert. T aus Terminator 2.

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